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A Spiritual New Year Celebration

A Spiritual New Year Celebration

On January 1st 2016 we will have a special sunrise dharma service at Avoca Beach. Wake up early and join us between 4.30 - 5am near the lifeguard tower, as we welcome the new year with calm and hopeful minds. We will sit in meditation, watch the sun rise and move our bodies in gentle yoga stretches. 

After our time on the beach we will return to Won Meditation Centre for Dharma Service at 8am when Head Dharma Master Kyongsan's New Year message will be read.
If you can't make it to sunrise meditation, please join us in the temple at 8am.

After that, let's eat traditional tteokguk - rice cake soup together.
The white tteok signifying purity and cleanliness would be eaten as a ritual to start off the New Year for good fortune."

What better way to begin the new year?

January 1st 2016
Sunrise Meditation - Avoca Beach - Arrive before sunrise
Dharma service & Soup - Won Meditation Centre-  8am

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Korean Cultural Festival Planning Meeting & BBQ Lunch

All are welcome to attend the Festival planning meeting and to join us for a special BBQ lunch. 

If you would like to bring a side dish, fruit, dessert or something to put on the grill to share with your dharma friends, it would be much appreciated!

10am Dharma Service and Meditation
(please arrive promptly so as not to disturb your fellow practitioners)

Kid's Dharma Club

11am Korean Cultural Festival Planning Meeting 

Noon BBQ lunch in the garden

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Dharma Authentication Ceremony

Dharma Authentication Ritual & Ceremony
August 15th - 21st, 6pm 

21st August is the special holiday day for commemorating and celebrating the founding spirit of Won Buddhism as demonstrated by the nine disciples of Sotesan, who secured the legitimacy of the new Order from the realm of truth when they left their fingerprints on a sheet of white paper as a sign of acceptance of the injunction "Sacrifice without regret", which symbolized their infinite vow to create a peaceful and harmonious world, by committing to mind practice and devotion to public service.

For 7 days before that time our temple and homes shall be cleaned well, with a warm and calm spirit and one's body and mind purified. 
At 6pm each evening, from August 15th - 21st, the meditation hall will be open to the public for prayer, meditation and chanting. Children are welcome to come along and join in the service, but service will be kept as a quiet time.  
The week will culminate in the main ceremony on the 21st. All are welcome to attend on any of these evenings, but everyone is especially encouraged to attend on the 21st.

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