Guest Lecture on 'Mindfuless' by Chris Krägeloh at Won Meditation Centre

Won Buddhism Meditation Centre is hosting a Guest Lecture on "Mindfulness" in celebration of Sotaesan's (Founding master of Won Buddhism) Enlightenment Day. 

Dr Chris Krägeloh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Aukland University of Technology and a founding member of the New Zealand World Heath Organisation Quality of Life (WHOQOL). His research areas are: mindfulness, particularly how to measure mindfulness and how mindfulness in psychology is theoretically different from mindfulness in Buddhism. 
He is a lay Won-Buddhist teacher in training (pre-Wonmu) at the Auckland Gyodang in New Zealand.

The topic of "Mindfulness" is a very interesting topic in psychology. It is about healing and treating our mind, body and soul altogether at the same time. Today, many people wonderwhat it means to our lives, and how we approach to this concept in our daily lives. 

Lunch (Bibimbap, see the photo below) will be provided after the lecture. Also, there will be a Jangu (Korean traditional drum) performance on the day.

When: Sunday, 24 April 2016 at 10am
Where: Won Meditation Centre
20 Budaleer Crescent
Bensville, NSW 2251
Phone: 02 4368 2393
RSVP by 20 April 2016 (for catering purposes)
Please email us at

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